Welcome To the Fort Wayne Church of Christ

The Fort Wayne Church of Christ is proud to be a part of a unified, worldwide fellowship of churches –

We are believers of all ages, races and socioeconomic backgrounds

in over 150 countries.  We are simply people who have found God

and are committed to serving him and his children around us.


We feel it is important to state that,

no matter if we are a man or a woman

or the color of our skin,

each one of us is a child of God

and is welcomed, loved and needed.

  Please see this open letter

from key leadership couples in our global fellowship

that we in the Fort Wayne fellowship

whole-heartedly endorse

in regard to racism and social justice.
We are currently joining our sister church in Indianapolis,

for weekly online worship and for Bible studies.

Come worship with us!
 Fort Wayne Church of Christ Worship Stream – Private
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